ring type joint flanges

Copper Nickel ring type joint flanges

Nexus Alloys & Steel is a prominent Manufacturer and Exporter of Copper Ring type joint Flanges, A Ring type joint flange is a metal ring that has been cut into a deep groove. When the bolts that hold the flange together are tightened, they squeeze a metal ring into this groove. This compression makes a tight seal on the pipe or connection that doesn't leak.Type of Ring The "R" number tells you what kind of joint gasket it is. R gaskets come in both an oval shape and an eight-sided shape. Due to the smooth sealing surface on the faces of ring joints, they can be used almost interchangeably. When in doubt, ring joint facings are usually used in situations where the pressure and temperature are high. When you need the best surface seal, Ring Type Joint flanges are the best option.