spacer paddle flanges

Copper Nickel spacer paddle flanges

We are a well-known company that makes and exports ANSI/ASME B16.5, B16.47, B16.48, DIN, AWWA, and API Spacer Blinds. These are available in a range of standard and non-standard sizes and shapes to meet the needs of industries around the world. During maintenance, Spacer Blinds make it easy to switch between closing and opening a pipe. These are used to separate or connect pipes. People often use single blinds and other positive shut-off devices to stop the flow through a pipeline.Spacer blinds are used to fill the space left when single blinds are taken off the piping system. Spacer Blinds are often used in harsh environments where there are fluids like hydrocarbon fluids. It can be either open or closed to control how much fluid flows through the piping system. Our Spacer Blind is very resistant to both corrosion and erosion. Because they are strong and last a long time, these are a popular choice for many industrial uses. Spacer Blind is able to withstand high pressure and temperature even in harsh conditions because it has great chemical and mechanical properties.