union tee

Copper Nickel UNION TEE

Nexus Alloys & Steel is an established manufacturer and exporter of Union Tee and Tube Fittings. These fittings are used to connect tubes.These tube fittings items are forged from high-quality raw materials obtained from a reputable vendor. Additionally, we provide fittings to customers in any business at the most cheap costs.Cupro Nickel Union Tube Fittings is shown in bold type in the units where it was first published, with lighter type equivalents in corresponding units. Manganese, niobium, iron, and/or chromium are added to Cu-Ni Union Tube Fittings to increase corrosion resistance and strength. Compression Cu-Ni 90/10 Tube Fittings are commonly used in the MARINE industry for Boat Hulls, Salt Water Pipe Fittings, Salt Water Piping Systems, Salt Water Piling Wrap, Hot Water Tanks, Salt Water Baffles, Propeller Sleeves, Ship Hulls, and Water Hoses, among other things.