Copper Nickel

Nexus Alloys and Steels is a well-known manufacturer and exporter of copper nickel forged fittings with exceptional corrosion resistance. Copper-nickel fittings are very resistant to heat and cold and are simple to weld. 10% nickel, 1.4% iron, and 0.80% manganese are present. Primary Wrought Copper Nickel Forged Socket Weld Fittings for Seawater Service include between 10 and 30 percent nickel, as well as large quantities of manganese and iron, which are required to maintain outstanding corrosion resistance.

Copper-nickel fittings are resistant to water, salts, and other potentially harmful substances found in seawater. Copper-nickel forged fittings can also protect pipes from acids that don't oxidize. Copper-nickel forged fittings are resistant to corrosion and protect copper-nickel pipe flanges from organic compounds, briny water, salt, and dangerous acids that have been diluted. Copper-nickel pipe fittings work well in seawater-oil pipe systems.