Copper Nickel Valves

Nexus Alloys and Steels is a fast expanding business that manufactures and exports a vast array of Copper Nickel Valves. Cupro-nickel valves are corrosion resistant, have a natural resistance to macrofouling, a high tensile strength, great ductility when annealed, strong thermal conductivity and ductility at cryogenic temperatures, and antibacterial touch surface qualities. These are a few of the most critical aspects of Cupro Nickel Valves.

Copper-nickel valves are employed in a variety of industries, including the maritime, petrochemical, offshore, chemical, and shipbuilding sectors. Notable advantages of these valves include their resistance to hydrogen embrittlement, their ability to maintain the alloy's mechanical properties even at cryogenic temperatures, their enhanced workability, higher ductility, and increased durability.

Cu Ni Industrial Valves can endure high workplace temperatures. As a result, they are of high quality and durability. In addition to high temperatures, they can easily operate under conditions of tremendous pressure, high speed, and substantial turbulence.